In my sculptures I use organic and constructional forms. I start for example with an idea of spherical form which is constructed from smaller basic blocks. I play with these building blocks and let them form structures wich grow freely outward.

Most often I work with wood and steel. Many of my sculptures are combinations of these two. Wooden and metallic parts I connect with screws, bolts, glue, welding, etc.

Allthough I start working with for example a sphere or a ball, I think about forms wich are seen in nature, not an ideal, rigid geometric ones.

In nature sphere is connected with energy efficiency. This is a principle of having maximal space enclosed within minimal surface area.

As a sculptor there is something similar in my method of dealing with space.
I think there are two opposite poles; one is infinitely dense and has lot of material within small space and other one is vast space defined with fine structures constructed with minimal use of material. My sculptures are somewhere in between these poles, often reflecting contrast between them.


My working method is the most important element in my sculptures. I build them from smaller parts. Sometimes there are only few parts, sometimes hundreds of parts. Then the essence of a sculpture is in the structure and repetition.

This has some similarity with living things too. Nature repeats same forms over and over again with tiny variations. These variations then cumulate over time to multitude of different species.

-Antti Immonen